Mario Fachini is a proven speaker who’s roots come from his successful business leader skills. He was a successful professional, entrepreneur and businessman before expanding to becoming a dynamic and effective speaker sharing his experience with others.

He is the founder of and currently continues to run successful multiple business ventures while also acting as a consultant to numerous other businesses around the country.

His experience as a valuation professional has allowed him to analyze, understand and determine what impacts, drives and changes value in businesses.

Through this process as well as his experiences in starting, buying and selling businesses he has a unique perspective on the keys to success that he presents in his various programs in an engaging and entertaining way.

By getting his audiences to shift their thought process through new distinctions, choices and meanings he provides a vehicle to catalyze change and growth both individually and in business.

If you want a professional who utilizes his real life experiences as tools for his audience, and who approaches learning from an pragmatic, practical perspective, then call on Mario Fachini for your next conference