CEO Kathryn Ryan (Detroit, MI) Recommends Mario Fachini Consulting


Alright everyone, sending out a quick post, it doesn’t seem remotely strong enough, we are on our way to school right now and I’m off to another job, but right now I am super excited and just wanted to say Thank You.

Touched is beyond, there are no words to describe how happy I am, because of all of you, as of last night, we hit #1 Best Selling Author, and that was just incredible and I wanted to take a second and thank every single one of you out there that has been supporting me that bought the book ( for those of you who keep asking me about buying the book it is going to be available in regular hardcover paperback books in about 1 week go back and you’ll be able to get an actual physical copy of the book, not just the “E” version) I wanted to say Thank You so much, this is getting emotional, everyone that helped with this.

One of the people huge supporter of this, Mario, Mario Fachini is my publisher & PR guy here, making me do these video podcast, but this one I’m more than happy to do, and I wanted to thank him, and his entire entourage of friends and people that he works with that also contributed to making this a #1 Bestselling Book.

So to all of you, there are no words to describe my gratitude and absolute amazement, for all of our you watching right now, and for all of our viewers that are watching right now and maybe you’ll watch this later I can not, can not thank you enough, for making this dream of mine a reality, and I just want to keep pushing all of you to change your mindset to reach your dreams and become everything you’ve ever imagined.

Trinity: “Thank You for making my mom a #1 Best Selling Author”

By everyone I hope you have an absolutely amazing day 🙂

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