CEO Carrie Hartunian Smith (Phoenix, AZ) Recommends Mario Fachini Consulting


Hi I’m Carrie Hartunian Smith and I’m a consultant working with entrepreneur and small businesses, helping them grow their business and my business has—recently number one bestseller of ‘hot seat conversations get notice, get tips and get going’ a big part of the success for me with the organizations and the systems part was working with Mario I was able to put that book together in under 3 weeks and a big part of that was having spent time with Mario and having him help me walk through some of the different systems and different electronic processes that are out there that I just hadn’t been able to get them trenched in and utilized but after spending, it was probably 2 maybe 3 sessions I was well on my way of being able to in co-operating that in to my own business and was able to really execute quickly and implement for specific convention that was coming up which was a success. So if you are needing any kind of assistance or help and systems such as that definitely I highly recommend Mario.

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