CEO MaryAlice Coleman (Portland, OR) Recommends Mario Fachini Consulting


Hi I’m Maryalice Coleman, I am an inner life coach, mentor, author, and workshop leader, and I love helping a woman in a specific area.

I had hired people to help me with my book launch, I had hired people to help me with my website, and through that NOTHING GOT DONE, and I wasted thousands of dollars. It was so frustrating for me and I knew I needed help with that. Well, Mario came into my radar, and I thought I’d reach out to him. And I am so glad that I did that! I can’t even tell you.

The results were amazing for me, and such a wonderful relationship, he’s great, he’s just a great guy, He helps keep me focused on my work. But what he got done for me in 3 days, regarding my book launch. Unimaginable, you can’t even imagine, nobody else could do it, nobody else even tried to do it. One person I hired was still spinning wheels at 3 months.

Mario is Santa Clause, I say that he is Santa Clause because there is a surprise every morning in my email working with him, with things I didn’t even ask for but things he thought of ahead of time, to create beautiful graphics, to help me understand the process of the launch. To help me gain knowledge with even Facebook on how to do Facebook Ads, and there is so much more I learned from Mario.
So, if you need somebody to help you in your work, in whatever it might be, your website, or launching something, or creating, Mario is the guy to go to, And I can’t say it enough, so, I would just, I don’t know, I don’t know what else to say because I am excited working with Mario

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